When you choose K.M.Smith as your funeral director you are accessing expert staff, many of whom work behind the scenes to care for your loved one, with over 135 years of unequalled experience.

Exceptional Care, Surprisingly Affordable

As a full service, family owned funeral director since 1883, K.M.Smith has always offered premium service at a surprisingly affordable price. Whilst not the lowest or the highest, our fees reflect the extent of our exceptional care and commitment in every aspect of our service delivery to you.

We are not a cloud based operation but a tangible one investing in real offices, hearses, chapels, private mortuary facilities, and long standing staff. By keeping everything in house, under the one roof, we are able to provide only the best for you.

Your Wishes

Because the cost of an individual funeral is determined by your wishes, inclusive of any cultural requirements, religious considerations, or prearrangements that may be in place, the final cost can vary greatly from $4,795 through to $20,000.

The only thing that doesn’t vary is our absolute standard of care, from the simplest to the most detailed of services.

“You showed such respect and kindness and we knew
she was being looked after by the best.”

Thank you all so much for your care of my beautiful daughter. You were on hand in Sydney when we had to start making arrangements to get her to Brisbane and you kept us informed all the way. You showed such respect and kindness and we knew she was being looked after by the best. Thank you so much again.

Susan D, Kings Beach

Having used your services in the past, we would not consider any other provider.
The service provided was excellent, and we commend your staff. We would not hesitate to recommend you.
Thank you.

Michelle H, Capalaba

Our family has used K.M.Smith for many years. We have always very much appreciated the personal touch. We cannot put into words just how happy we were with EVERYTHING. It made us feel proud to have given our mother the send off she deserved and wanted. Thank you again.

Lynette O, Aspley

Our experience was that the whole team was approachable, exercised sincere understanding and performed their respective duties with great respect and professionalism.  No wonder K.M.Smith has been around for so long!  You set the bar very high. Please pass on our thanks to everyone.

Dorothy N & Family, Victoria Point

We take great pride in
understanding your detailed wishes
and delivering them
on the day.

A Very Personal Choice

We believe that what goes into a funeral should be chosen by you. We do not offer packages for this very reason. 

Whilst our expertise extends to all types of goodbyes from state funerals to memorials and everything in between for all types of cultural, religious and personal preferences, the choices for your service are yours.

We don’t have fine print or pressure selling – when it comes to costs, we communicate what is involved and clearly explain the processes and associated fees and prices related to your choices.

Some of the things that determine
the cost of a funeral are:-

  • If a funeral bond or other funeral funding is in place
  • Where someone dies (at home or in a care facility or hospital) as this determines if an immediate transfer is required
  • If repatriation (intrastate, interstate or international) is requested
  • Whether the funeral involves a cremation or a burial
  • If it is a burial, whether it is below ground or above ground in a vault and if embalming is required
  • The extent of the service and if it takes place in a single area or across multiple locations such as church and then burial
  • The choice of coffin in terms of materials used and the extent of workmanship
  • The extent of floral tributes, orders of service or other printing and visual tribute production
  • The length, style and number of death and funeral notices placed in newspapers
  • Charges made by celebrants and the clergy, vocalists, organists and streaming / recording services
  • Printing of service booklets and memorial cards
  • Venue charges
  • The extent of catering for post-funeral gatherings

When it comes to funerals, it is worth knowing three main elements make up the final cost:-

Funeral Director’s

Our Professional Service Fees – Cover the many duties our staff tend to from caring for your loved one to arranging, planning and conducting the funeral, right from our first contact with you through to after the funeral is completed.

They also cover our continued investment into the best equipment and facilities to safely and respectfully carry out our work to a standard second to none.

Our Coffin Range – In addition to Professional Service Fees, the other item we provide that is required for a funeral is the coffin.

Our history includes the carpentry of making our own coffins, whilst this has now changed we continue to offer an elegant selection of quality coffins, carefully manufactured here in South East Queensland by another family business.

Our coffins range from practical veneered particle board materials through to beautiful solid timber, with finishes and designs to suit every taste.


These mandatory fees are from outside suppliers for items essential to a funeral, such as:-

Death Certificate
This document is produced by the Registrar General’s office based on the documentation provided by the Funeral Director. We lodge the application for the Death Certificate. The fee includes Registered Postage to facilitate prompt delivery, however processing and delivery can take up to 10-20 working days after the funeral has taken place.

Permission to Cremate Permit
Only for cremations, this document is completed by an independent doctor once they are satisfied that there is no reason why the cremation cannot take place.

Cemetery Fees & Crematorium Fees
These fees are determined by your choice of burial or cremation and the fees of the location you choose for final committal. Burials can also incur the fees of stone masons when monumental work is required.


Many items included in a funeral service are not mandatory but personal choices each family makes regarding, but not limited to:-

  • Celebrant / Clergy
  • Flowers
  • Press Notices
  • Signature Book
  • Service Booklets
  • Video Tribute Presentations
  • Organist / Vocalist / Other Musicians
  • Butterfly or Dove Releases
  • Limousine Service

These prices are as charged by the supplier. At K.M.Smith we also have a specialised range of funeral products available to you:-

Our Life Floral Tributes Range – Beautiful floral works of art for every taste
Life Memories Print Media – Professional design, print and visual tribute service for all funeral stationery and videos
Our Memorial Book Range – Handcrafted in Brisbane, signature books keep a formal record of those who attended the service
Our Urns & Keepsake Range – Our local supplier provides an outstanding selection of quality urns

Let us Help You

The cost of an individual funeral will be determined by the family’s wishes, cultural background and religious considerations. In cases where the deceased has made prearrangements, then those prior wishes will also need to be considered.

Funerals are very personal things

The ideal way the cost can be properly assessed is in a face-to-face interview with an experienced Funeral Director so that all the options can be explained and understood. The Funeral Director can demonstrate what is involved and clearly explain your choices.

Our staff are always available to assist you at any time over the phone or via email. You are also welcome to call into one of our branches
– we do recommend phoning 3252 2031 in advance or making an appointment, as we may be assisting other families.

No Service  (Unattended Cremation)

There are many reasons to have a service. It is often said that funerals are for the living – in our experience this is true. However, there are times when ‘no service’ with ‘no attendance’ at a crematorium or cemetery is required.

K.M.Smith can assist in these situations, providing our excellent standard of care in making sure that everything needed for a No Service, No Attendance cremation or burial is professionally arranged.

We care for your loved one exactly the same no matter what level of funeral service you require.

No matter what kind of
service you need, we’ve
been helping families
for over 135 years
and are always here for
you when you need us.

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