Planning a Funeral

Planning a funeral service can be daunting. But it needn’t be. With 140 years of funeral experience, we are here to help you plan the service you want – from state funerals to intimate gatherings.

The offerings below can be a simple place to start forming an idea of what you are wanting. We’re here to help with any questions you have and are available to meet you face to face – 7 days a week.

Contact us at any time on 3252 2031.

Life Memories - Print & Media

K.M. Smiths Life Memories department specialises in funeral printing and media production. Services include personalising your service booklet, visual tribute or memorial cards, using your concepts and photographs to create something memorable for the day and beyond.


Music is a personal and important part of the funeral. We can gather the recorded music of your choice, ready to be played by our staff at the funeral service in the order of your choosing.  Alternatively, we can also arrange live musicians and vocalists at your request.

Visual Tributes

You may like to share special moments of reflection through a visual tribute, which is specially tailored by our Life Memories team using your choice of photographs, compiled with your selection of music in the background.

Live Streaming

Streaming allows anyone who can’t attend the funeral to watch it live on any device: computer, tablet or mobile via a link provided by the streaming service. In most cases, the link can be used after the service to watch and download a recording of the funeral. Our Kate Mary Chapel offers complimentary streaming.


The venue is a special part of the funeral. We can help you choose a venue for your service be it for a small or a large number of guests. Use of our distinguished Kate Mary Chapel is complimentary with onsite parking available.

Outdoor Services

From graveside services, like this one at historical Brookfield cemetery, to funerals held on family properties, sporting fields and (where council permits) parkland settings and beaches, we have organised many outdoor funerals  that make for a unique and personal experience.


Flowers are one of the most personal and diverse aspects of a funeral. K.M. Smith’s Life Floral Tributes department creates beautiful floral arrangements from coffin sprays, to wreaths, sheaths and church bowls of flowers to compliment every service.


Gathering together for refreshments, before or after the service, allows people the opportunity to connect, share stories and support each other. We can assist you to find the most suitable options if you wish to include catering with your funeral.

Coffins & Caskets

K.M. Smiths beginnings was in handcrafting coffins. Today, our coffins and caskets continue to be made in Queensland by a local family owned business. We offer a select range for all tastes.


Black or white, our exceptional fleet of hearses has always been a hallmark of K.M. Smith’s offering to our families. Mercedes Benz, Ford and Holden make up our unique range.