Prearrangement Considerations

Pre-planning your funeral is simply planning your funeral in advance. For many people it’s only once they’ve been involved in making funeral arrangements that they realise the benefits of putting arrangements in place well in advance of ever needing them. Making such plans means that family are relieved of the pressure and stress of having to think about so many things, possibly without being prepared to do so. Just as a legal will is a very important document to complete, so it is with pre-planning your own funeral service so that your wishes are clear and can be followed.


Will it be a cremation or a burial? What about flowers? How much should it cost? Are there other special things the family should know but have not asked or have not been told?


K.M. Smith are very experienced at assisting clients to prearrange funerals. You simply arrange a meeting with our consultant, and we will help you record your wishes for your funeral.

Funeral Bonds

In our experience many people choose to purchase a funeral bond to alleviate future financial pressure on those who will be responsible for enacting funeral arrangements.

Life Booklet

A simple place to start making pre-arrangements is by downloading a copy of our Life Booklet and beginning to list down your wishes and personal information.

Make Prearrangements Now

More About Funeral Funds?

Funeral funds are basically savings plans where people put aside money in a lump sum or payments of small amounts regularly, so as to reduce the cost of their funeral. The result is a more affordable funeral when the need finally arises and, for some, the reduction in their assessable assets is an advantage. Involvement is entirely a matter of choice. If you decide to make financial arrangements for your funeral in advance, K.M. Smith can help facilitate this through an established, reputable Australian funeral fund operator. Contact us for more details.

NOTE: Funeral funds are not the same thing as some of the funeral insurance policies that you may see advertised on TV.