Domestic & International

K.M. Smith have been ensuring the safe travel of loved ones by arranging all aspects of repatriation since 1883. Repatriations are the process of moving a deceased person from one part of the country, or the world, to another as required or preferred by you. Even when a repatriation has been planned for, there are a number of steps involved that require expertise to navigate with assurance. For families who find themselves in the unforeseen situation of needing to arrange a repatriation it can be an overwhelming experience on top of a tragic event.

Whilst repatriations have changed since Kate Mary first began her funeral company, the essential elements remain the same, as does our care and expertise. 


General Information

Whilst the general information below may be of initial help to you, if you have any questions about repatriation, or require a quote, please let us know.

Repatriations within Australia can take place via road or air and require the engagement of a Funeral Director at each end of the journey to ensure continuity of care.

International repatriations are either inbound or outbound from Brisbane, are by air and also require funeral directors to be engaged at both ends of the journey. All international repatriations require consultation with the relevant Consulate’s Office to ensure all necessary documentation is arranged to ensure safe exit and entry into the relevant countries.

Embalming is a requirement for most repatriations with the exception of those that are able to be conducted by road.

A coffin or casket is needed for all repatriations by air, with strict packaging requirements for safe handling and transportation of your loved one.

Repatriations where death occurred in Brisbane, require the transfer of your loved one into our care and then back out of our care to the airport once all repatriation arrangements have been completed. These transfers may need to take place outside of normal business hours and can include after hours fees. These fees may also be required in receiving a loved one from the airport upon arrival in Brisbane.

In some instances families choose to carry cremated ashes to another country for burial, scattering or safe keeping.  Please note that each nation has its own regulations regarding this and it is essential to check with the relevant Consulate’s Office before travelling.

A funeral service can take place prior to the repatriation but it is not uncommon for a second service to take place at the journey’s end. It is up to you what you wish to do. All funeral costs are additional to repatriation fees and charges.