The Embalming Process

When required or requested, embalming is carried out at our private mortuary facilities by our fully qualified embalmers with the utmost care and respect.

Preparation – Embalming begins with the complete sanitation of the outside of the body. The body is washed completely with antibacterial soap to remove any odour-causing bacteria or any contagions that might be present. This external washing also clears away any body fluids that might have been left behind from the persons passing. All entrances to the body are cleaned, including the mouth, nose and eyes, as these are entry and exit points for bacteria or possible communicable disease. The hair is washed, any make-up a woman might have been wearing is removed and if requested, the man’s face is shaved. The eyes and mouth are closed using specialised closure techniques. Your funeral director will be very careful to ensure the eyes and mouth look relaxed, as if they are closed in a deep peaceful sleep.

Procedure – At this point the chemical portion of the embalming begins. Embalming chemicals contain agents that retard the growth of bacteria. It is bacteria that cause the body to decompose. Chemicals are injected into the nearest large artery that is accessible and the body fluid then exits through the corresponding vein. Once all the body fluid has been displaced from the body the incision is closed and the individual is dressed in the clothing that was provided by the family and placed in their coffin.

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