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With K.M.Smith you now have the option of listing funeral notices on our website for general viewing. These notices may be instead of, or as well as, funeral notices normally published in newspapers and other print media.

Recent and future funerals

Click on the surname to view the funeral notice:

SurnameFirst Name(s)Service Date
AllenOlive Joan ("Joan")Thursday, 20th Jun
ButtonClifford RobertMonday, 17th Jun
DouglasLorraine CarmelThursday, 20th Jun
EdwardsDoreen MaryTuesday, 18th Jun
FraserCynthia KathleenThursday, 20th Jun
KowalewskiEmilia ("Emily")Friday, 21st Jun
LiddyMaureen FrancesFriday, 21st Jun
QuinlemFrancis Soesen ("Frank")Friday, 21st Jun
ShawRaymond Stanley ("Ray")Friday, 21st Jun
WoodsIlo MerleTuesday, 18th Jun