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With K.M.Smith you now have the option of listing funeral notices on our website for general viewing. These notices may be instead of, or as well as, funeral notices normally published in newspapers and other print media.

Recent and future funerals

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SurnameFirst Name(s)Service Date
RichardsPaul GregoryWednesday, 3rd Jun
O'SheaBarbara Joan ("Joan")Wednesday, 3rd Jun
VarricchioAngela Monday, 1st Jun
CrokerArnold Meyrick ("Meyrick")Saturday, 30th May
FantonMary Patricia ("Pat")Friday, 29th May
AitkenKenneth Robert ("Ken")Friday, 29th May
BertramGrahame JohnFriday, 29th May
MilleGiuseppe ("Pippo")Thursday, 28th May
RickWayne LeslieThursday, 28th May
RentonArthur GeorgeTuesday, 26th May