Memorial Services take
place once the burial or
cremation has occurred.
The only difference to a
funeral service is neither
coffin or hearse is present.

We Can Help

Many families choose to arrange their own Memorial Service, however we offer our
services to you as sometimes a memorial has many elements to it and there is comfort in
allowing a professional to arrange the details and be there on the day to conduct the memorial service. 

The information provided below is a guide only.

Funeral Director’s

Our Professional Service Fee includes the provision of staff, facilities (including the use of our Kate Mary Chapel and Lounge), expertise and time to complete the requested services, with two K.M.Smith Funeral Directors in attendance at the Memorial Service $1,955


Memorial Services do not have any mandatory fees.


These fees are as charged by the supplier.
Inclusion of these options is based soley on your personal choice. Standard prices are included below, however charges may vary depending on individual circumstance:-

– Clergy Offering $330
– Celebrant Fee $475
– Church Hire Fee POA
– Chapel Hire Fee BCC $392
– Kate Mary Chapel – Complimentary
– Organist Fee $285
– Vocalist Fee $285
– Floral Tribute –  W14: Medium Wreath 45cm, All White $195
– Service Leaflet –  2 Sided, A5, 250gsm $95 setup fee, $2.00 each
– Memorial Signature Book: KMS Vinyl $25 or custom made $90
– Death Notice: Courier Mail – 5cm $342
– External Streaming Hire Service – $330 single venue
– Catering Room Hire BCC $130 (1 hour or part thereof)
– Catering Menu eg: ACS Rose Package (min 30 guests) $15.35 per person
(BCC – Brisbane City Council)

Something Special

Complimentary for all memorial services, our Kate Mary Chapel offers a rare heritage venue for
Memorial services.
Afterwards, you are welcome to stay on for refreshments in our adjacent lounge area. 

We have assisted families in the past to transform their venue with personal memorabilia, from artworks made by
their loved one, to special plants, pets and photo albums on display. We also have a beautiful wooden presentation box designed to
hold ashes for the service if desired should you wish to have an urn present at the memorial service.

Let us help you find what makes your memorial service special.

An alternative venue
for memorial services,
our Kate Mary Chapel
seats 100 guests

Contact us at any time for assistance. We’re here to help 24/7.


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